Hear The Hungry Rounds

The Rounds started one night in 2010 when HTH Founders, Rebecca and Grace hit the streets after a business event with a bowl of left over pasta salad. They decided to offer the food to a friend they knew was sleeping on the Upper East Side. Their friend proceeded to take them around the neighborhood to share this food with other homeless men. The following weeks, they returned with whatever they had in their refrigerators. Friends began to notice and offered to help.

What they discovered was that more then the food and temporary aid they were offering, it was their friendship, their time, and their understanding that made the greatest impact. 

The Rounds has since expanded to Los Angeles, and other communities in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Volunteers visit the homeless where they are in their community to build friendship, foster change, and to break down the social barriers between those who have a home, and those who do not. It is a great way to make an immediate impact on the hungry in your community, and to take part in a life changing experience.

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