Founded in 2010,

Hear The Hungry is a non-profit organization dedicated to redefining hunger through social action and awareness. It started when two friends met at the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in New York City, and wanted to understand the plight of those they were serving. They set up a story-booth the following week to hear the hungry and discovered that hunger runs deeper than the need for food and shelter. For many, hunger involves the loss of a home, coupled with the loss of a shower, a closet, a bathroom, and all of the things that grant us our dignity.  The hunger they heard was for love, dignity, understanding, compassion, a helping hand, a smile - things that cannot be measured, but are all humanly understood.

It isn’t very hard to fall into poverty. The battle really is climbing out of it. It has become our mission to break down the social barriers that exist between the "haves" and "have-nots."

Hear The Hungry now has teams in New York City and Los Angeles, and has reached cities and villages in: Kenya, Uganda, Swaziland, South Africa, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Moldova and Romania.